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Family Advisor

Tamar Cato

With over 3 years of experience serving marginalized children, youth, and their families in government-funded programs, both Tamar’s Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees are in Social Work. She graduated from East Stroudsburg University and Boston University, respectively. She donates her time and talents to charity organization work and is passionate about the educational advancement of BIPOC people, adult learners, and immigrant and low-income families. As a past university tutor, Tamar wore many hats including advisor, mentor, teacher, and best of all, a listening ear. She loved getting to know the story behind the students, and they very quickly recognized her authentic spirit. Tamar has inside perspectives of systems, such as child welfare, that prove to be a revolving door without the proper tools. Her studies have strengthened her solution-focused approach to problem-solving. She lives by the motto that we are ‘human first’ which helps her lead with empathy in her work. Tamar practices self-care by listening to music, spending time with friends and family, and watching pop culture commentary.