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Annual Meeting

Escaping homelessness is our responsibility

Celebrating Mother’s Day with E.D.E.N

Who we are:

EDEN was founded on the belief that the path out of being homeless, out of poverty and in gaining the ability to survive and thrive, begins with alleviating homelessness from its roots.

EDEN is committed to reducing barriers to opportunities by offering intervention and stabilization evidence-based programs that can help families attain self-sufficiency, secure better jobs and pursue their dreams. We recognize the value, uniqueness, and dignity in every individual. We know that when people have access to homes and the skills and resources to maintain their autonomy and support their families, they can chase their dreams effectively.

Therefore, we re-invent the wheel through actionable plans aimed at helping families build skills, access knowledge, and resources. From case managers, clinicians to coaches, our team works diligently to combat and break the barriers. Together, EDEN aims to be the voice and vessel for underrepresented youths and families in shelters. We are relentless and unapologetic in our pursuit of helping one more family access permanent housing and long-lasting poverty-fighting solutions.

Hygiene Drive

$20 can provide hygiene products for a family of 3. Please click on this DONATE to help families permanently escape homelessness.
$20 is the cost of ordering meals at Door Dash and Ubereats. Think about that powerful cause.

Our supporters and community partners:

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