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Our mission is to equip families with the skills, knowledge, and resources to solve their homelessness permanently. We strive to assess, restructure, educate and empower families in shelters.


To be the catalyst that accelerates critical growth in the lives of families in shelters through a coherent and holistic four-phase solution that addresses the cause of relapse.


At EDEN, we strive for continuous growth and synergy in our work, so that we can help families permanently escape homelessness. Our values are deeply rooted in: Integrity, Trust, Innovative, Commitment, Result, Compassion, Accountability, Personal and Professional Growth, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

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Families relapsed back in shelter after received permanent housing in less than three years.


Lack the appropriate job training and developmental skills to qualify for the job


Reports stress levels are high impact on families and causes them to disengage/socialize


Homeless women have experienced severe physical or sexual abuse


Families living in shelters are run by single mothers

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Human service professionals agree that every family who faces homelessness through shelter needs a dedicated support team of a coach, clinician, and case manager to combat and break the barrier to obtaining permanent self-sufficiency and staying in permanent housing life after shelter.