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Jehu Leconte

Jehu Leconte is the Founder and Executive Director of EDEN. As a well-rounded visionary, unstoppable optimist, and relentless problem solver, he is dedicated to transforming the lives of underserved youths and families. For many years, he observed the hopelessness afflicting thousands of families across shelters as they waited for housing and made no progress. He realized the best way to help these families address their real problems from the ground up.

At first, Jehu Leconte worked exclusively with non-profit organizations. He yearned for a holistic and solo organization that could effectively combat and break barriers preventing these families from gaining permanent housing and permanent self-sufficiency.

Partner with a team-minded leader, EDEN was established, an independent organization forged to empower youths and families facing homelessness, with an enthusiastic support team of case managers, clinicians, and coaches to reduce recidivism. From tailored mentorship to evidence-backed programs, family and wellness workshops, to skills training, we help reduce barriers to opportunities for families in shelters. And we cannot do it alone, together with our esteemed partners; we are building brighter futures, one family at a time.