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EDEN provides an intervention and stabilization program through a 4-phase cohesive and holistic solution that addresses causes of relapse. Our program helps families set and achieve goals necessary for well-being, self-development and sustained economic stability, including maintaining and growing family net resources. Our solution is SIMPLE.


We ASSESS the magnitude of each family’s needs by taking an intake evaluation.


To CURATE a 6-month development plan designed by a dedicated team of experienced social workers and clinicians.


Then we COORDINATE with certified partners to provide additional services.


And MATCH family’s needs with a holistic solution.

Program Focus


Enhance skills for self-sufficiency


Equip families to get rid of toxic habits and deal with trauma

Workforce Development

Equip families with skills, abilities, and competencies

Financial Literacy

Equip families with the skills to manage a budget

Key Curriculum Component

Families will be supported and taught how to rid themselves of toxic habits and how to reduce trauma from both past and sometimes current experiences. Families will be treated with weekly therapy and parenting groups to obtain a healthy and stable level of mental well-being.
Family will build and enhance skills for self-sufficiency through individual therapy, weekly coaching, and mentoring sessions. It will allow families to build confidences and self-esteem to overcome bad habits.
Workforces Development
Families will become equipped with skills, abilities, and competencies to obtain employment by attending job training, networking events and webinar.
Financial Literacy
Families will be provided with the skills to manage their budget and will learn the importance of financial acumen to live a sustainable life. They will be guided by the 5 Principles of Money.


Individualized and comprehensive assessment

Workforce and skills-based training. Competency based job preparation training

Volunteer work to acquire experience

Coordination of case management, coaching and clinicians to overcome family challenges

Family-centered services

Quarterly Seminars, workshops to focus on self-development